Thailand Travel

If you are planning a family vacation to the country of Thailand you may be wondering how you are going to get around. You’re not sure what to expect in this country and don’t want to be surprised when you get there. There are several ways to get around on your vacation, you just have to consider cost, travel time, and travel distance.

There are many airlines that can get you into, out of, and to different major locations. Airlines include AirAsia, which international and domestic routes. They also offers steeply discounted tickets if you book a week or two in advance. Another airline is Bangkok Airways, which calls itself “Asia’s Boutique Airline.” This airline can be quite pricey. Thai Airways is known as the most reliable and comfortable Thai airline, but is typically more expensive than other airlines.

Taking a train is another great way to get around. The State Railway of Thailand has a 4000-km system covering a large amount of the country. The price you can expect to pay varies based on the speed of the train and the class of your carriage. Carriage classes include First Class, Second Class, and Third Class.

The First Class tickets are the most expensive and have a two person sleeping compartment. It’s also common for them to have an individually controlled AC unit. Third Class is probably the cheapest way to get around Thailand, but don’t expect frills. It’s common for third class to have wooden seats which get quite uncomfortable on a ten hour train ride. Second Class is a great compromise and is at a middle price point. With second class expect a snack and a reclining seat or thinner bunk.

Buses are everywhere! There are local buses that will take your around the city, Express buses, Second Class buses, First Class buses, VIP buses with 32-34 seats, and wide S-VIP buses with 24 seats. Just as with the trains, each bus comes with its own price points, perks, and routes.

There are so many different ways to get around, including other ways not covered such as by taxi, that you don’t need to worry about getting stranded. No matter if you travel by train, bus, or airplane you are bound to have a blast!

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